1975 – West Hartford, CT

In 1975, owner Frank Legere founded Better Built Cabinets in a 200 square foot garage located in West Hartford, CT. The business produced residential millwork including kitchen cabinets, counter tops, bathroom vanities, and private studies.

1976 – East Hartford, CT

Shortly after business began, the demand for quality woodworking outgrew the small 200 square foot garage. Frank leased a 3,100 square foot space in downtown East Hartford, CT. By 1978, with continued growth in the residential millwork market, Ron Legere joined his brother Frank as a business partner.

1978 – Glastonbury, CT

It wasn’t long before the brothers had outgrown their East Hartford shop. The pair found a space in Glastonbury, CT and in 1978 they leased 5,000 square feet. At this time, the two also began to shift the sales focus of the company away from residential projects towards commercial projects. With this shift came a name change to Legere Woodworking Company, Inc. Additionally, Legere began to pursue larger projects, many of which were union. In 1979, Legere became signatory to the carpenters union and eventually phased out residential millwork altogether. By 1980, they had leased an additional 8,000 square feet for a total of 13,000 square feet.

1981 – Newington, CT

By 1981 Legere’s 13,000 square leased space in East Hartford limited their ability to continue growing. Ron and Frank decided to purchase a 38,000 square foot building in Newington, CT and moved Legere once again. Initially they utilized approximately 23,000 square feet, leasing 15,000 square feet to various tenants. Over the next 6-7 years, as leases expired, they eventually occupied the entire 38,000 square foot space. Over the next 10 years, the business continued to grow and by the late 1990’s, there simply wasn’t enough space to manufacture or store materials that were ready for shipping. Ron and Frank began looking once gain for a new home for Legere.

1998 – Avon, CT

Frank and Ron began their search for a larger space and eventually found a 177,00 square foot building in Avon, CT. They purchased the property at 80 Darling Drive and after a year-long construction process of laying out the new factory, Legere moved to Avon, CT. An office space consisting of 12,000 square feet was leased to tenants until 2010. As volume continued to grow, Legere began occupying the previously leased space. By 2015, Legere was manufacturing out of the entire 177,000 square feet.

Present – Avon, CT

Legere is operating out of our 177,000 square foot facility in Avon, CT. We extended our product offerings and services to include architectural metal & glass, stone, and stretch fabric. This allows Legere to offer a complete architectural finish package with industry leading scheduling, coordination, and on-time deliveries. Ron and Frank can still be seen in the office from time to time, but the company is led by a senior management team of four talented and dedicated individuals. The team consists of: Susan Legere (VP Procurement), John Legere (VP of Sales & Estimating), Bruce Wyatt (Sr VP of Projects & Field Operations), and Ned Cipollini (VP of IT & Admin). We are here to serve our clients and meet the demands of the ever changing construction market.

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